In recent months there has been much talk of Azeri State Border Service (SBS) troops replacing Armed Forces troops at military positions along a segment of the Azerbaijan-Armenia border, precisely a segment near the cities of Qazakh and Agstafa. SBS troops came to man military positions in mid-December, leaving theContinue Reading

Russian troops stationed in Armenia have started drills and training for the 2019 international ArMY-2019  (officially in Russian АрМИ-2019) military  games. The training is being conducted on the Kamkhud and Alagyaz training grounds, both are high altitude areas on Armenia’s highest mountain, Aragats. Both areas have long been used for militaryContinue Reading

Military officials in Azerbaijan announce over 200 ceasefire violations by Armenian forces in the first week of January 2019. According to official publications, the daily average for ceasefire violations is 29, however the precise way of measuring or categorising the term ceasefire violation is not clarified. Nonetheless, officials in Baku haveContinue Reading

The first week of the year has seen over 125 ceasefire violations along the line of contact by the Azeri military according to military officials in Nagorno Karabakh. Around 1.000 shots were fired from different calibre weapons, which, according to a Nagorno Karabakh Observer analysis were mainly, if not exclusivelyContinue Reading

Davit Babayan, a high-ranking official within the Nagorno Karabakh government, made clear that “the situation on the line of contact remains stable, but not without its violations”, meaning that although no major military incidents have occurred between Armenian and Azeri forces, border crossfire has still taken place. When asked aboutContinue Reading

According to official news, A joint venture between Azeri and Israeli companies has given way to the opening of a new unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV o commenly known as “drones”) in Azerbaijan. The event took place last week and the training centre is expected to start its activity this year.Continue Reading

On 03 January 2019, social media reports along with several news media platforms started circulating news regarding the death of Saleh Demirov, an Azeri conscript from the central city of Agsu. The cause of death is not clear, but according to a report told to Meydan TV, he may haveContinue Reading

Circulating among Armenian and Azeri media these days are a series of comments regarding the a possibly conflict over Karabakh in the near future. The Head of the Political and Military Analysis Institute, Political Scientist, Aleksander Khramchikhin commented on the possibility of a new flare-up between Azeri and Armenian forcesContinue Reading