In the statement, Azerbaijan’s State Border Service (SBS) mentioned that Armenian troops stationed at at outposts near the village of Zorakan fired on Azeri positions near the the village of Ikikji Sikhli, wounding an Azeri border guard.  Azeri officials stated that heavy machine guns were fired on their positions, promptingContinue Reading

Yesterday, the units from Azerbaijan’s air force carried out live-fire drills with Su-25 combat aircraft. The drills included both, daytime, as well as nocturnal simulations. Official publications from the Defence ministry stated the fighter unit attacked training targets with different armament types, including bombs and air-surface rockets. The drills wereContinue Reading

A motorised infantry brigade from the Nagorno Karabakh military conducted combat simulations today at the eastern Tigranakert military training ground. The event was officially announced as a test of military capacities for the first half of the year. The motorised infantry brigade conducted live-fire drills, which involved a general mobilisation,Continue Reading

Today, Bako Sahakyan, president of the de facto Republic of Nagorno Karabakh, promoted the military’s chief of staff, colonel Jalal Harutyunyan to major general.  Maj Gen Harutyunyan rose through the ranks of the military, having participated in the 1990s Karabakh conflict at an early age. Subsequently he was the commanderContinue Reading

New conscripts taken into service during the summer military draft were visited by high-level military officials, including Nagorno Karabakh’s Defence minister, Maj Gen Karen Abrahamyan, veterans of the war in the 1990s and local NGO representatives. During the event, Maj Gen Abrahamyan spoke with the new conscripts and expressed thatContinue Reading

Nagorno Karabakh’s Defence minister Maj Gen Karen Abrahamyan received his Armenian counterpart Lt Gen Artak Davtyan during an official visit to the ministry, and a series of military installations. During the visit, the two military heads assessed and familiarised themselves with ongoing renovation works at military outposts to strengthen positionsContinue Reading

De facto Nagorno Karabakh’s Defence Ministry received a new deputy minister today. Colonel Stepan Gevoryan was assigned to the position through a decree by president Bako Sahakyan.  Col Gevorgyan will be particularly in charge of morale-boosting affairs within the ranks of the unrecognised state’s armed forces. Col Gevorgyan previously theContinue Reading