Azerbaijan’s Defence minister Gen Zakir Hasanov visited the villages in the southwest of the country last week, just kilometres from the line-of-contact and the Iranian border.  Hasanov visited the village’s memorial to servicemen killed during the April clashes of 2016, special attention from Azeri official media was put on theContinue Reading

On 18 March 2019, Azeri conscript Aqil Hümbetov was apparently killed on the line-of-contact in southeastern Nagorno Karabakh (southwestern Azerbaijan) near the village of Chojuk Merjanli.  Humbetov, a native of the village of Çay Qaraqoyunlu, in the Sheki region. According to Azeri media outlet, the information was provided byContinue Reading

Azeri troops stationed at the village of Chojuk Merjenli (or Cocuq Mərcanlı as it is written in Azeri)  in southwestern Azerbaijan held a day of leisure  aimed at boosting moral and integrating their presence with local villagers. The event was organised by the Ministry of Defence , with the participation ofContinue Reading