On Tuesday morning, new conscripts called up in April for military service took their ceremonial service oath a in a series of military bases across the autonomous republic. The conscripts included those who will serve in the autonomous republic’s armed forces, as well as in the Interior Ministry troop formations. Continue Reading

On 09 May, Nagorno Karabakh marked Victory Day, commonly celebrated throughout post-Soviet countries as the day of victory over Nazi Germany. In Karabakh and Armenia, however, the day is also marked as the day Armenian forces took control over Shushi (or Shusha as it is known by Azeris) in 1992,Continue Reading

Source: “Activists, Local Residents Rally in David Gareji Monastery”, CIVIL.GE, 06 MAY 2019   *all opinions expressed are those of the original author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or stance of Nagorno Karabakh Observer.    Several hundred civic activists and local residents gathered in the premises of David Gareji MonasteryContinue Reading

Official reports from military authorities in Yerevan today brought about news on live-fire drills with the participation of armoured units from the 1st Army Corps.  The drills are aimed at “furthering the skills of servicemen in the field”, as well as developing areas of the areas of expertise of theContinue Reading

On Sunday, Azeri military officials accompanied their Turkish counterparts to Heydar Aliyev Airport in Baku, to conclude the bilateral Mustafa Kamal Atatürk 2019 military drills. The events started on 01 May, and according to official footage and further analysis conducted by military news portal Razm.info, included the participation of T-72Continue Reading

On Saturday, 04 May, a soldier from the Nagorno Karabakh military was shot in the head by  an Azeri bullet according to official sources. The injured, 21-year-old Aganik Zorogliyan was evacuated to a hospital and operated on, currently he is in critical condition. The incident occurred in the southern regionContinue Reading

On Friday military authorities in Stepanakert announced that a military supply vehicle taking bread to an outpost on the line-of-contact came under fire by Azeri forces using an SVD Dragunov sniper rifles.  The incident happened along the central segment of the line-of-contact near Aghdam, no injuries were reported and theContinue Reading

According to the latest ceasefire violation reports on the line-of-contact between Nagorno Karabakh and Azerbaijan, discrepancies continue to exist between the figures published by the military authorities of both sides. According to the Azeri military authorities, there were 716 violations by the Armenian side during the month of April, downContinue Reading

On Friday (03 March) an undisclosed motorised brigade from Nagorno Karabakh’s Armed Forces took part in a life-fire exercise to test out combat-readiness and co-ordination. The armoured units were mainly T-72 modernised tanks stationed in central Nagorno Karabkah. The event took place approximately 10 km from the central segment ofContinue Reading

Source: Abrahamyan, Eduard “Rationalizing the Tonoyan Doctrine: Armenia’s Active Deterrence Strategy”, Eurasia Daily Monitor,  Vol. 16 Issue 64, 02 MAY 2019 *all opinions expressed are those of those of the original author. Even as Armenia and Azerbaijan have intensified their diplomatic contacts over the future status of the latter’s breakawayContinue Reading