Azeri military units conducted training exercises on aimed at building a NATO-type capacity within the framework of the organisation’s Operational Capabilities Concept. News on the event was published by the Azeri Defence Ministry, which highlighted that the drills included combat and communication (particularly English language communication during such events) coordination carried outContinue Reading

  Armenian positions on the line of contact near the village of Madaghis in  north eastern Artsakh were fired upon today by Azeri armed forces. During the ceasefire violation, Azeri troops fired an Israeli-produced Spike missile and five grenade-launched grenades at an Armenian outpost. Military authorities in Stepanakert released a photo of the remnantsContinue Reading

  The location of Azerbaijan’s S-300s remained unknown for some time. It was assumed that they would be located near Baku to protect the Azerbaijani capital, along with its oil and military infrastructure from possible Armenian missiles in the case of all-out war. Experts also highlighted the fact that theContinue Reading

  The leaders of Armenia and Azerbaijan met in Geneva today, 16  October,  during an official meeting aimed at agreeing to terms for measures to further weaken the tension between the two, avoiding losses at the front. However, no specific agreement on any solution, nor precise measures have been madeContinue Reading

SOURCE: Naira Hayrumyan, Jam News, 10 OCT 2017 Azerbaijan seeks to make the EU respect its territorial integrity Armenia and Azerbaijan may sign a framework agreement with the EU on the sidelines of the Brussels Summit. However, unlike the text of the EU-Armenia agreement, which was initialed back in March thisContinue Reading

SOURCE: Prague Daily Monitor 29 September 2017 The Czech arms which recently appeared in a video promotion of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces may have reached the country across Israel, the daily Hospodarske noviny (HN) writes on Wednesday. The Bulgarian server speculates that disassembled weapons may have been transported into IsraelContinue Reading

Azerbaijan has commenced large-scale military exercises today, 18 of September 2017, which will continue until 22 September. The number of troops mobilised in this years exercise is quite smaller than previous years and stands at 15.000, with around 150 tanks and armoured vehicles, 120 different artillery and self-propelled artillery systemsContinue Reading

On 11 September 2017 Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman received his Azeri counterpart, General Zakir Hasanov, in what was the first official visit of Azerbaijan’s Defence Minister to the country. Although the Israeli Defence Ministry has yet to officially comment on the visit, Azerbaijan’s Defence authorities released a brief statement, mentioning that during theContinue Reading

On 01 October of this year, the military authorities of Azerbaijan will conduct the autumn military draft, one of four annually taking place(January, April, July and October). Azeri President Ilham Aliyev signed the order on 05 September 2017, which will see all male citizens 18 years of age and withinContinue Reading