On 21 February 2019, military authorities in Azerbaijan announced the shooting-down of an Armenian  X-55 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). According to official news, the incident occurred in the vicinity of Aghdam, along the central part of the line-of-contact between Nagorno Karabakh and Azerbaijan.  Baku states that the UAV was onContinue Reading

Davit Babayan, a high-ranking official within the Nagorno Karabakh government, made clear that “the situation on the line of contact remains stable, but not without its violations”, meaning that although no major military incidents have occurred between Armenian and Azeri forces, border crossfire has still taken place. When asked aboutContinue Reading

On 03 January 2019, social media reports along with several news media platforms started circulating news regarding the death of Saleh Demirov, an Azeri conscript from the central city of Agsu. The cause of death is not clear, but according to a report told to Meydan TV, he may haveContinue Reading

  According to open sources, news has emerged of a death  in the  Azeri Armed Forces. The death occurred back in July of this year while a second incident took place at the beginning of  September 2018. On 22 July 2018,  Ferid Shabanov was killed by Armenian fire at aContinue Reading

The days of September started with losses of servicemen in both Armenia and Azerbaijan. On 03 September 2018, a member of Azerbaijan’s border guards, Elennur Suleymanov (born 1994),  was accidentally killed by a Georgian lorry driver at the Georgia-Azerbaijan border post between Şıxlı (Azerbaijan) and Kirach Mughanlu (Georgia) when theContinue Reading

On 16 January 2018, 19-year-old Armenian serviceman Harutyun Khachikian’s lifeless body was found at a military outpost in the northern region of Martakert. The circumstances under which he died are currently being investigated. Artsakh’s Defence Army (essentially the country’s Ministry of Defence) sent their condolences to the fallen’s family and will provideContinue Reading

Officer Sənan Məmmədov (left) and conscript Asiman Şahmarov (right) Through unofficial sources, news has come out that two Azeri servicemen have been killed since the begining of this year. On 10 January, ethnic Talish Asiman Şahmarov was killed reportedly in a military outpost near Aghdam, reports on social media say he wasContinue Reading

  Armenian positions on the line of contact near the village of Madaghis in  north eastern Artsakh were fired upon today by Azeri armed forces. During the ceasefire violation, Azeri troops fired an Israeli-produced Spike missile and five grenade-launched grenades at an Armenian outpost. Military authorities in Stepanakert released a photo of the remnantsContinue Reading

  19 October 2017 saw the death of 19-year-old Armenian soldier Tigran Khachatryan at a military outpost in the north-eastern region of Martakert, Nagorno Karabakh. He was killed by Azeri fire in what turned out to be a cease-fire violation. The event come s just one day afte the leadersContinue Reading

  An Azeri conscript has killed himself at a military outpost near the border town of Fizuli, on the Artsakh-Azerbaijan border. Rza Rzayev, born in August 1996 and originally from the city of Ganja, was found hanging by a fellow conscript in what was an apparent suicide. Rzayev’s brother Hikmet confirmedContinue Reading