Servicemen from Azerbaijan’s State Border Service (SBS) participated in a morale-boosting ceremony on the banks of the Caspian sea. According to official sources, a 5.000 metre Azeri flag was carried across a military training ground by troops, accompanied by eight helicopters and other military vehicles. Present at the event wasContinue Reading

On 13 July, reports from military authorities in Stepanakert got out that 20-year-old serviceman Artyom Khachatryan, was killed by Azeri forces.  The incident occurred at a military outpost on the northern segment of the line-of-contact. Khachatryan was from the village of Malishka in central Armenia and was set to finishContinue Reading

Yesterday, 12 June, the Azeri Defence ministry reported on a near hit of one of its drones by Armenian anti-air defence missile over south eastern Nagorno Karabakh. The report stated that the Armenian side fired on an Azeri drone during a planned training flight with two OSA anti-air missiles.  GeospatialContinue Reading

In an official statement today, defence officials in Stepanakert stated that along the the line-of-contact an increase of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV’s, or drones) and military aircraft training flights, affirming that the latter ” often violate the established flight zones”. Continuing the statement, the authorities stated: “The Defence ministry ofContinue Reading

Today, the Defence ministers of Azerbaijan(Zakir Hasanov), Georgia (Levan Izoriya) and Turkey (Hulusi Akar) met for trilateral talks in at the Heydar Aliyev Conference Hall in the city of Gabala, Azerbaijan.  The three discussed issues on regional security, NATO, trilateral military cooperation. In his speech, Turkish minister Hulusi Akar highlightedContinue Reading

In a significant gesture of bilateral relations, Turkey’s Defence Minister, Gen Hulusi Akar, paid an official visit to the Nakhichevan to meet with his Azeri counterpart Gen Zakir Hasanov. This is significant in that, it is the first official visit by Akar to the enclave. Gen Akar’s visit included overseeingContinue Reading

Azeri military officials reported the loss of a serviceman today on the line-of-contact near the city of Tartar, corresponding to the Martakert region of Nagorno Karabakh on the other side.   The official report stated among other things: “On 09 June Azerbaijani Army serviceman Elshan Khalilov Vugar oglu was martyred asContinue Reading

Official information on reported ceasefire violations was published today by the Nagorno Karabakh (officially known as Artsakh) Defence Ministry. This last week has seen a rise in reported ceasefire violations by Azerbaijan, as reported by the Armenian side, with 250 reported incidents amounting to around 2.500 projectiles being fired onContinue Reading

According to official notifications from the Azeri and Nagorno Karabakh Defence Ministries, as well as each’s respective Foreign Ministry, the OSCE Minsk Group has conducted 104 ceasefire monitoring missions at military outposts along the line-of-contact that separates Nagorno Karabakh (officially called the Republic of Artsakh) and Azerbaijan, and along theContinue Reading