A few days ago on 04 December, Azeri Defence officials announced the transfer of excavators and tractors from Turkey to the Nakhichevani military garrison. Manufactured by the Turkish firm Hidromek, at least eight tracked and three wheeled heavy-duty excavators, two graders, two front-end loaders and three backhoe tractors were providedContinue Reading

Sniper units of the Nakhichevan military along side Turkish instructors participated in a sniper training course. The event was concluded today and was conducted at several training areas in south western Nakhichevan near a major military base in the town of Julfa.  News of the event was revealed by theContinue Reading

In October of 2018, a series of military drills took place in Nakhichevan aimed at coordinating operations between Nakhichevan’s local military with other militarised institutions in the planning of operations and the managing of personnel. A specialised radar system, the RP-10, was tested out during the drills, which is operableContinue Reading

These past few days news media outlets from both the Armenian and Azeri sides have reported soldiers wounded due to border shootouts. According to a Sputnik Armenia news report, Armenia’s Defence spokesperson gave brief details on an incident that occurred on 13 August, involving an Armenian serviceman deployed in theContinue Reading

Armenia’s defence minister Davit Tonoyan visited a military outpost on the Armenia-Nakhichevan border to follow-up on the latest developments, security-operational situation, monitor Azeri troop movements and the latest renovation projects on military outposts conducted by Armenian troops on this segment of the militarised border. Finalising his visit, officials reported thatContinue Reading

In a significant gesture of bilateral relations, Turkey’s Defence Minister, Gen Hulusi Akar, paid an official visit to the Nakhichevan to meet with his Azeri counterpart Gen Zakir Hasanov. This is significant in that, it is the first official visit by Akar to the enclave. Gen Akar’s visit included overseeingContinue Reading

On Tuesday morning, new conscripts called up in April for military service took their ceremonial service oath a in a series of military bases across the autonomous republic. The conscripts included those who will serve in the autonomous republic’s armed forces, as well as in the Interior Ministry troop formations. Continue Reading